Energy and Angels

As Universal Consciousness continues to elevate, one agreement is becoming distinctly more clear- inside these vastly different bodies inside us all lies a part of the same Divine Energy. Through years of of listening to Abraham Hicks I have come to know this energy as Source Energy. We all have the ability to connect with, or align to Source Energy at any time because it is within us all and at the same time surrounds us. Coming to terms with this has helped me feel a deeper connection with my Angels, the important people in my life who have transitioned into the non-physical. For many this is referred to as Heaven. I was raised Catholic and always had a hard time with the concept of Heaven, wondering how could we possibly be with everyone we loved in Heaven if each of our ideas of the perfect world is different? When I realized that Angels don’t have to be humans with wings, but instead are balls or orbs of pure Energy it all began making a lot more sense to me.

I believe that when we lose someone here physically, we gain a magical energy in our lives. When we are released from these bodies we are released from any physical constraints and are able to be anywhere and everywhere, blessing the lives of anyone we had encountered on Earth with the full power of The Universe, God, The Divine, Source Energy. There are a variety of words that can be used due to the many different perspectives of billions of individuals.
After the loss of my Grandpa in 2012 I began feeling a deep connection with the stars and in turn the sun, particularly sunrises and sunsets. It was like I was seeing and feeling the energy of the sun for the first time. While this didn’t alleviate my sadness, I felt my Grandpa with me and knew that
his energy was surrounding us. I connect with the twinkle in the stars, the rays of the sun and the glimmer of sunlight on water as it resonates with my soul. I am grateful for this connection and excited for my connection with Angels to deepen as I delve further into my spirituality. They are always there for us, all we have to do is ask or simply invite their Divine Guidance into our lives.
The Angels use little synchronocities to let us know they are with us all the time. Many people report seeing the same animal or ladybug consistently after losing someone physically. It can be a song that comes on the radio or an inner nudge to switch lanes to avoid a crash you had no idea was coming. I encourage you to not discount your feelings, but to trust your intuition and enjoy these little visits. Our Angels are up wherever they may be feeling pure joy, bliss and gratitude and they want us to experience these feelings too. Feel your pain, explore your sadness when needed, but also live. Live with your heart wide open and full of gratitude.
With love and light,




One thing I love about this world is that it is full of a wide variety of perspectives, beliefs and opinions. While I view my life on this Earth as one journey for my soul others view it as their only life- and that’s great! By consciously living with open minds we have the opportunity to learn from each other, embracing the diversity of thoughts, cultures, religions and beliefs. By having the awareness that each person we encounter is living a slightly different reality than our own we open ourselves up to view people differently, embracing The Interpersonal Ethic (The 8th Insight in James Redfield’s book The Celestine Prophecy). With each person we interact with lies an opportunity for a synchronicity to occur, this could be through a transmission of energy, information, thoughts or ideas that help you manifest an inner desire. When something resonates with your Inner Being, your Soul, you will know.

That being said, I invite you to read my words with an open mind, taking in what resonates with you and perhaps pondering deeper anything that doesn’t quite make sense yet.


Day One

Sunshine. Yoga. Music. Self-Love. Growth. Synchronocities.

I am a 22 year old yoga teacher living and learning while spiritually evolving through this life I’ve been blessed with. I have a deep love for powerful words- quotes, lyrics, and passages- and a deep respect for the artists who share them with the world. I am currently developing the self-confidence to be vulnerable and share my thoughts with the world, starting with this little blog.

With patience and love for myself, I am embarking on this journey. If you feel so inclined, I invite you to come along. I have a good feeling that we are going to enjoy this.