Live Like Laura

Yesterday I received news that another beautiful soul had made her transition from our physical world much too soon. We were a few years apart in school, but during our shared time at UNF I had only wonderfully positive encounters with Laura. The first time we met she was a Freshman and I was a Junior. One of my sorority sisters introduced us on campus and I remember being blown way by how friendly and outgoing she was. She had this beautiful, genuine smile and seemed so excited about life, about her first year of college, and especially excited to meet new people. Throughout the next couple of years whenever I ran into her on campus or at a school function she would always light up, which in turn would spark a little light in me, as if my soul knew I was in for a great hug and a beautiful exchange of energy. You didn’t leave Laura’s presence without feeling lighter. She was one of those special souls who spreads joy and uplifts others just by being her.

I have been having a hard time wrapping my head around her transition and I was not very close to Laura. It causes me great pain to think of her loved ones and the feelings they are working through right now. I find comfort in knowing that a soul this bright wouldn’t leave this Earth in darkness and I hope and pray that her family and friends are able to feel her precious energy encompassing their lives. When Laura was here on Earth she made a wonderful impact on all of the lives she touched, whether it was a quick interaction or a relationship of many years. Her soul, her energy, her spirit, all that she was has not left us, but has been unleashed. While we are on Earth physically we are bound to our physical body and can make a lasting impact on those we come in contact with. Laura’s energy is now free to reach everyone simultaneously. By inviting our Angels to be an active presence in our lives they have the ability to surround us with their energy, blessing us, protecting us, and influencing our daily decisions. I spent a lot of time yesterday reading through many posts about Laura, almost all of them referencing her vivacious, outgoing personality and love for life. This inspired me to get back into a habit that I have fallen out of, simply saying hello and starting conversations with strangers. By changing the way I interact with others I had four different, wonderful conversations with individuals that I may or may not see again. I noticed one similarity in each of these conversations. The strangers I greeted seemed surprised and a little thrown off when I began talking to them. After we got through that initial awkwardness we both left with much bigger smiles than we had on before. As I walked on the beach this morning I looked up to the sky, noticing the clouds covering the sun, and I spoke to Laura. I asked her to make her presence known to all those who loved her, and before I could get through my sentence the clouds parted and the sun came shining through. My whole body was immediately covered in warmth and I felt her as a smile took over my face. As I walked, I thought and talked more with her, and found great comfort in the knowledge that her Energy has returned to the collective consciousness. I picture her great big smile as she flies through this Universe, finding pure joy in gracing our lives. I can almost see her laughing as she realizes how much more power she has now, and I know she is doing her best to embrace her loved ones in a way they can feel.

I believe that we are all from the same Source, one love, one light. Laura was truly connected with that Source as she emanated that love and light. While listening to music yesterday Be Love by Dustin Thomas came on and made me think of her immediately. I know that she will continue to shine and will only be a pure source of love for all those who invite her presence into their lives.

Keep on shining Laura, you are so very loved.


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