Choose to live the meaning of Namaste in each situation, not just at the end of each yoga class. It’s simple: I know there is good, pure love, a deeper soul inside of me. This piece of pure goodness, of soul, acknowledges the good in others. But are we really doing that? Are you in the practice of acknowledging the Divine Spirit of love that resides within each sentient being? Until recently I have not been, and this is a change I am making in my spiritual practice. No matter what the situation you find yourself in, give yourself the opportunity to step back and recognize this deeper part of the soul, and speak to that. Instead of reacting angrily towards a loved one or stranger in the car next to you, remind yourself that they too are a being of light, working their way through this life with just as many complex emotions, thoughts, and relationships as you. You have the opportunity to transform Namaste from an abstract concept into a way of living. Living with this mindfulness will help you develop empathy for others, becoming a kinder and softer individual. This world needs more kindness, we need more love. The more you actively seek out the good and love in others,the more it will be shown to you. As always, like attracts like, what we put out into this world will be directly reflected back into our experience.

With love and light,



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