Suerte. Luck.

I hear the phrase, “You are so lucky,” quite often, especially in recent years. Typically I smile and nod my head while gently correcting, “Yes, I know I am blessed and I am so very grateful.” This is true. I have been blessed from the start of my life with a loving, supportive family and uplifting, caring friends. I have been blessed with opportunities that allow me to travel, to see more of this world, and to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. I believe there are Divine forces at play in my life, and a few Angels sprinkling their own personal magic too. I give thanks daily to the Divine Energy of Source that flows through the ocean, the trees, the sun, the animals, myself, and others around me. I practice to live in a balance of celebrating my strengths, reflecting on ‘weaknesses’, and living humbly through each moment.

However, this is something I need to make clear, more so for you than for me.

I am not lucky. The life I am manifesting does not spring up as a string of random coincidences with no prior thought. I choose to live with intention and create my life experience deliberately, and you can too. Every single one of us has the power to create deliberately. Whether you have realized it or not, you are creating with each thought and each word you speak. This is not meant to be scary, but to help you realize the weight of your words, the importance of that mental track that runs inside your beautiful brain. The Law of Attraction is at work whether you choose to engage actively, or if you prefer to live believing that you have little to no control. When we choose to focus on health rather than illness, our bodies flourish. When we choose to focus on the weather we don’t want to occur, we are calling that in as well. For some, this may sound a little “far out”, or perhaps like some crazy “hippie shit”. I am here to tell you, along with many, many others, that it is not.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can play with this yourself. Begin to set your intentions for your day, taking as little as five minutes to either think of or write down some of what you would like to experience that day. Personally, I prefer to write because I find it is more powerful and I enjoy reflecting on my words, seeing how they match up with my experiences, but the choice is yours. I’ll give you an example of a typical day when I was living in The States.

I wake up this morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited for the day ahead. I am excited to eat a filling, nutritious, plant-based breakfast with plenty of time. I will drive to work safely and share the road with safe, kind drivers. At work I will meet awesome people and have meaningful, synchronistic conversations. [You could stop here and pick up again later in the day, or continue for the whole day.] I will feel energized at work, being filled with delicious juices and healthy foods (Shout out to CROP Juice in Sarasota). This evening I will lead an empowering, uplifting, safe, joyful, fun yoga practice for all students who feel called. I will leave the studio in time to watch the sky be painted by the beautiful sunset, watching it with those I love. 

This will change everyday, depending on how much your routine stays the same or fluctuates each day. As you go throughout your day, simply live, focusing on the little good moments, and expressing gratitude. When you express and truly feel gratitude and appreciation, you attract more moments, people, opportunities and experiences to be grateful for! When you catch yourself worrying about something you don’t wish to happen, try to catch those thoughts and replace them with something you do want. For example, instead of, “I hope it doesn’t rain.” Try on, “I hope the skies stay clear today!” This small change in wording will change your experience.

You can start playing with this in small ways, or when trying to attract a new opportunity into your life. Currently, I am spending the summer in Costa Rica, leading adventure and service trips for teenagers throughout the country. This summer has been full of learning, growth, challenges, love, laughter, and connection. Has it all been easy? Heck, no! Am I grateful for every part of it? You bet. As I reflect back on what I wrote when thinking of my next job, it all lines up beautifully. In December of 2016 I was working and living in intentional community in The Yoga Forest in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. I was enjoying the experience but realized I would like to continue my work with youth. I decided that I would like a job that would pay me to travel, give me access to epic adventures, allow me to uplift and inspire others to make positive change in the world, and work with supportive, joyful, kind coworkers and supervisors. Less than two weeks later after getting clear and putting this on paper, a new friend I had just met said to me, “Have you heard of Rustic Pathways? My sister worked for them and I feel like you should check it out.” Boom. That little synchronicity put me on the path to have an amazing summer where each of those intentions I set would manifest. This job did not come to me out of luck. My experience level, my personality, and my professional skills matched what the management was looking for, and I rocked the interviews. I created the vibrational atmosphere that attracted Molly and her willingness to share this information. I spoke with confidence and knew that if this experience is what I wanted, and what would serve my soul’s growth best, then I would have it. And so it is.

I could go on, and often do, for much longer about the Law of Attraction. If you have additional questions or would like assistance in finding the wording that feels best, please reach out. Message me via social media or shoot me an email at Let’s live this life the way we originally came here to. Creating deliberately, playing with the vibrations, and filling our days with joyful experiences.

With much love, light, and very little luck,

ॐ Noelle ॐIMG_1365Written in Uvita, Costa Rica. July 16, 2017


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